Nicole Mills on Creating Legacy Images

From 09/27/18 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm

Join us in experiencing a photo session at Nicole Mills Photography. Nicole will talk about how she prepares for a session with her clients, including session/wardrobe consultation, lighting setup (she keeps it simple), posing, shooting, and image selection for editing. She will also talk about her editing process and will show some of her favorite before and after edits. She will have a model or two present at the studio to demonstrate her posing and shooting style, so bring your camera along if you’d like to step in and shoot a bit too!

Nicole’s path to photography was a winding one…she graduated with a teaching degree (then quickly realized she didn’t enjoy children in large quantities), found herself managing an appraisal company and remodeling homes (another passion…OLD homes), and then got her real estate license in 2001. In 2007, she started her own real estate company (it’s not as glamorous as it sounds…she works from home, and most often in yoga pants), and in 2017, she threw caution to the wind and moved her little, yet extremely over-crowded basement photography studio up to Pine Island, into a gorgeous space (totally incorporates her love for OLD homes/buildings), and immediately started packing it full of “stuff” for photo shoots (her husband thinks she’s prepping to be on Hoarders). And there she will stay for the immediate future…or until the team from Hoarders comes calling.

About Nicole Mills

nicole millsNicole Mills Photography is focused on girls, women…and more girls! After having her first and only child 8 years ago (surprise…she has a girl!), Nicole picked up a camera, determined to document every moment of her daughter’s life, while raising her to believe in herself and to appreciate what it is about her that makes her beautiful. Fast forward 8 years and the NMP studio in Pine Island is filled to the brim with tulle skirts, sequined gowns, high heels, costume jewelry, and just about every other frilly thing a girl could want to play dress-up in. The goal is for every girl & woman entering the studio to feel beautiful for her portrait experience. No negative self-talk allowed on the floor and in front of the photographer. In this space, all girls & women are empowered to see and appreciate their unique beauty…and it’s Nicole’s job (& obsession) to capture that beauty in a portrait.


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